Dryer Vent Repair Service Eliminates Fire Hazard and Fixes the Dryer for Old Westbury Resident

The customer complained that clothes were not getting dry…lack of heat produced by the dryer was not the problem

Old Westbury, NY – Dryer vent repair was the solution to the customer’s problem. She had called Bob Dougherty, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard, when she experienced problems with her dryer. “There was plenty of heat being produced by the dryer,” said Dougherty. “I noticed that immediately when I entered the laundry room. It was very hot in there.”

Bob knew that the problem was caused by an air flow blockage. He turned off the dyer and pulled it out from the wall and was horrified to see the crushed dryer duct and a large pile of lint. “The old, flexible foil dryer duct had been crushed when the homeowner pushed the dryer against the wall,” said Dougherty. “A large tear in the duct allowed lint to pour out onto the floor behind the dryer.”

Bob explained to the customer that this type of dryer vent system no longer meets safety standards. He would have to install a new dryer vent system made of rigid metal. “The customer was relived to have eliminated a serious fire hazard and she was very happy to have her dryer working efficiently. With the new dryer vent system, she isn’t able to push the dryer as close to the wall, but she said she would get used to it. Safety and efficiency were more important.”

On his way out, Bob promised to follow up with the customer to clean the dryer vent every year. “Even the very best dryer vent system needs to be cleaned periodically to ensure safety and efficiency,” said Dougherty. “Technology just hasn’t produced the maintenance-free dryer vent system.”

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